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Seeing in Rafflesia Arnoldi

by adriansyah - last update: Aug 30, 2007
The World's Largest Flower - Rafflesia Arnoldi

Rafflesia Arnoldi grows in Taba Penanjung Bengkulu

Rainforests of Bengkulu province are home to both the world's largest flower Rafflesia Arnoldi and the world's tallest flower, known locally as Kibut or bunga Bangkai (Amorphophalus Titanum). There are 16 species of Rafflesia, Rafflesia Arnoldi is the largest. It is a member of the genus Rafflesia. Its flower attains a diameter of nearly a meter (3 ft) can weight up to 7 kg (15.5 pounds).

My son & I are in front of the Rafflesia

Rafflesia Arnoldi
The Rafflesia Arnoldi which is known locally as bunga Rafflesia (Rafflesia flower) is one of the plants which are protected by law in Indonesia. It is a really rare and a unique plant. It is usually reddish-brown and lives as a parasite on the Tetra stigma vine, as its host. Its petals grow to 50 cm (1.6 feet) long and 2.5 cm (1 inch) thick. The unique of the Rafflesia is it has no observable root or stem, and no leaves. It is a parasitic plant since it has no chlorophyll and haustorium. Nutrients and water are obtained from host cell. This bizarre flower is pollinated by flies attracted by its scent. The buds take many months to develop. It stays in bloom up to 14 days and can be seen during wet season between August - November. This sensitive parasitic plant grows only once a year in primary undisturbed rainforest.

Two American tourists and a local guide's baby

Historical Background of the Rafflesia
The Rafflesia Arnoldi was discovered by British Lieutenant which was appointed as Governor of Bencoolen (as British people called Bengkulu in the old time) Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles and British government botanist Dr. Arnold in the year of their arrival (May 1818), in Lubuk Tapi – South Bengkulu, hence the plant’s botanical name. It is now known as the official symbol of Bengkulu province.

The Rafflesia bud which takes many months to build

Where the Rafflesia can be found in Bengkulu?
The Rafflesia, the world's largest flower is found in many areas in the forests of Bengkulu province, normally in Taba Penanjung (45 km or 28 miles from Bengkulu town center) on the slopes of the Bukit Barisan Mountains, the most accessible being close to the main road halfway between Bengkulu and Curup. The Rafflesia also might be found in several locations in Bengkulu province:

1.Pagar Gunung in Sub-District Kepahiyang.

2.Talang Ulu, Curup, Rejang Lebong.

3.Suban hot spring, Curup, Rejang Lebong.

4.Taba Rena, Curup, Rejang Lebong.

5.Lubuk Tapi, South bengkulu.

6.Talang Tais, Padang Guci, South Bengkulu.

Jungle track to see in the Rafflesia

Get info about the Rafflesia in Bengkulu
Hope that all info as write above helps you to see in the Rafflesia. Write me at kurt_reyhans@yahoo.com if you want me to inform you when the Rafflesia is blooming, so you can arrange your trip to Bengkulu and don't miss it guys. I'd be glad to write back and inform you. Peace,Adrian



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