Sabtu, 05 April 2008

Rafflesia Flower Jungle Trekking Adventure


The mysterious Rafflesia bloom has always fascinated intrepid adventurers. Now, one can enjoy some pure tropical serenity - expedition style - under steadfast guidance and insider account by our English-speaking naturalist and watchful Semai native guides to see the famed Rafflesia.


The Rafflesia is the only plant that has the capability to “play dead”. For higher chances of pollination, the Rafflesia’s clumpy and waxy red petals bear uncanny resemblance to decaying dead animal. This hoodwinks flies and insects to gather at its ovum and fly away with spores. The Rafflesia flower is known as Bunga Pakma by locals; Bunga is flower in Malay, and Pakma is derived from ancient language Sanskrit for lotus – a symbol for purity and fertility. The flowers are traditionally used after childbirth to aid shrinking of womb and restore female figure.



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