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Rafflesia baletei, another new Rafflesia (Rafflesiaceae) from the Philippines

Julie F. Barcelona
Philippine National Herbarium (PNH), National Museum of the Philippines
Tanggal: 00/05/2007
Mary Ann O.Cajano, Annalee S.Hadsall

A new species of Rafflesia, R. baletei, from Mt Isarog in the Bicol Region . Southern Luzon, Philippines is described. Rafflesia baletei is the fith endemic species and the second of the small-sizedspecies of the genus in the Phillippines to have been described so far.It differsfrom the presumably closely related R.tengku-adlinii from Borneo in flower colour and size, perigone ornamentations, and number anthers. Furthermore,it differsfrom the similary-sized R.manillana from the Philippines in diaphragm and ramenta morphology and ornamentations, and flower habit.

Publisher : Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.
Source : Kew Bulletin. ISBN: 1-84246-154-0
Series : Vol. 61(2), 2006 : p.231 -237


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