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Rafflesia Tuan-Mudae photo by Michael Lo

Posted 4 dec 2007

The largest flower - Rafflesia

is the largest flower on earth. It can be found in tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia. There are 9 species of Rafflesia in Borneo island:

(1) R. arnoldii
(2) R. borneensis
(3) R. ciliata
(4) R. hasseltii
(5) R. keithii
(6) R. pricei
(7) R. tengku-adlinii
(8) R. tuan-mudae
(9) R. witkampii

The Rafflesia which I photographed is Rafflesia tuan-mudae which is named after Charles Brooke of Sarawak. Charles Brooke was the tuan muda of Sarawak before he became the Rajah (King) of Sarawak, long time ago.

Rafflesia is a parasite which grow on the vines of Tetrastigma.

2 buds on the ground:

The flower bud on the vine; above the ground:



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