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Rafflesia of Bintang Hijau

29 October 2007

Rafflesia of Bintang Hijau

I have instructed one of my students to concerntrate on new reports from our contacts of new populations of Rafflesia in Lenggong, Perak. For those who is not familiar with the place, Lenggong is a small town half way between Kuala Kangsar and Gerik, where it was made famous for the discovery of Perak Man, Peninsular Malaysia's oldest inhabitant in 1991. I was aware of the populations by Mariam Jutta who has been to the area several times for her Cycas monitoring.

The RRMT member who is responsible for the project is Che Nurul 'Aini Che Amri and she would normally accompanied by Siti Noor Ladawan Johari who is working on the Rafflesia of Gunung Bubu. They are part of the new team of RRMT recruited in April as announced in RRMT blog (here).

They have visited the place, with the help of our local contacts, known as Din Panjang (who would love to take you to see these sites for a small fee).

The have secured the photographs of the blooms of Rafflesia in the area and in several visits they noted of the high occurrence of arial buds and several double and triple blooming were recorded. This area is in the water catchment forest reserve that is part of the eastern area of Bintang Hijau Range of northern Peninsular Malaysia and there are no previous written report ever published of Rafflesia in this range.

Double bloomings of the arial Rafflesias


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