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Rafflesia mira Fernando and Ong

Rafflesia mira Fernando and Ong

The specific epithet derives from the Spanish word "mirar" which means "to look" or "look at", referring to the wonderful and surprising discovery of this new species.

This species was recently described and named in the following:

Fernando, E. S., and P. S. Ong. 2005. The genus Rafflesia R. Br. (Rafflesiaceae) in the Philippines. Asia Life Sciences 14: 263-270.

Later, another group published the following:

Madulid, D. A., D. N. Tandang, and E. M. G. Agoo. 2005. Rafflesia magnifica (Rafflesiaceae), a new species from Mindanao, Philippines. Acta Manilana 53: 1-6.

Both of these Rafflesia taxa derive from Mt. Candalaga, Compostela Valley, Mindanao Island in the Philippines and the descriptions are similar, thus they represent the same taxon. The Fernando et al. (2005) publication is being followed here because it circulated December 2005 whereas the Madulid et al. publication circulated July 2006 (despite the date given on the paper as 2005). Therefore, R. mira has nomenclatural priority and R. magnifica becomes a synonym.

A flower at peak anthesis. Photo courtesy of Edwino Fernando.

Rafflesia mira with woman

Just the flower (from above photograph). Photo courtesy of Edwino Fernando.

Rafflesia mira flower

Two slightly senescent Rafflesia mira flowers. Photo courtesy of Edwino Fernando.

Rafflesia mira sensescent flower

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