Senin, 10 Maret 2008

Now,Amazing Rafflesia

Now,Amazing Rafflesia in Khao sok National Park is blooming all ready 13th-20th but if you like to feel the nature Rafflesia. We are have special trip for you.That's very kind of you.

There are 3 different species of Rafflesia:

  • Rafflesia Kerrii - in Khao Sok and the southern part of Thailand
  • Sapira Himalayana - in the northeast part of Thailand
  • Spoila Nei - in the southeast part of Thailand

The rafflesia is a parasite and it needs a host to grow. The normal host is a Vina (a plant species). Not much is known about the flowers reproduction, but it is believed that termites or ants carry the seeds to the host.

The seed reached maturity after a year's time. It is common that the host rejects the seed, therefore not all seeds result in a flower.

Rafflesia used to be an ingredient in Asian and Malaysian medicine up until 1900

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